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Dolce Ragusa is introducing a large. High quality, collection of Sicilian sweets, with 100% Italian ingredients, that suites all family members.

  • Cannoli
    Do you know that….
    The Siciliani Cannolis are one of the most popular desserts in the word? Not many know that they were already famous at the time of Ancient Rome. The legendary philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero, during his stay in Sicily as quaestor, enjoyed the cannoli and colled them “delicious tubes of flour, filled with a sweet food made from milk”.
    The cannoli was destined to be even more exquisite. Many centuries when Arabs ruled Sicily, thy began to import precious recipes and ingredients such as cinnamon and sugar useful that were useful for making sweets. Historical sources underline how the women of the Harem located at Caltanisseta’s Castle, loved to spend time creating new recipes in honor of their Emir. Drawing inspiration by the ancestor of the Sicilian cannali that had so amazed Marcus Tullius Cicero, one of theminvent the current recipe: A tubeshape shells of pastry dough, filled with a sweet cream of ricotta cheese and chocolate chips. These are the Silician cannoli, simple and sublime at the same time Sicilian and Arab.
  • Tiramisu
    The famous Italian dessert with its layers of Italian sponge cake soaked in a fine Italian espresso, with layers of cocowa power and mascarpone cream.
  • Torta Carmela
    Labeled under its founder’s name a women who made it a costum to make this tarte for her children’s in each birthday. Carmela Torta is as simple as much as its delicious it all about “Italian Sponge cake filled with the delicious ricotta cream and covered with almond”.
  • Profiterole
    Puff pastry balls stuffed with cream, and enveloped with a thick layer of chocolate with milk, coated with ricotta cream.
  • Torta Corallo
    With the name of its founder Mr. Salvatore Corallo, Corallo torta is a three layers of pandoro Italian cake drown in fine espresso covered with a thick layer of Mascarpone cheese and chocolate ships, available exclusively in Dolce Ragusa, in two sizes.
  • Aragusta
    One of its kind, with its crisp texture and stuffed with ricotta cream, available also in many size.

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