Dolce Ragusa label was born from the dram of two close friends, who want to introduces to the world, the beauty of the sunny Italian city of Ragusa’ trough classical Sicilian Sweets. Dolce Raugusa’s main focus is to satisfy the customer around the word, with top quality fresh products that can suite the whole family members.

Dolce Ragusa’s delicious sweets, stuffed with Mascarpone and ricotta cheese, shows the ultimate union between the high quality and amazing taste, signed by Dolce Ragusa Team. While visiting Dolce Ragusa high-tech factories, you will be fascinated by the cinnamon, chocolate and candied fruits perfume, coming from all around the place.

With our passion for traditions, love to nature and continuous hard work, Dolce Ragusa became a star in the universe of pastry.

And all of this started with a dream that touches reality.

© Dolce Ragusa 2016.