• Sustainability
    At Dolce Ragusa we take sustainability seriously. Which mean taking the time to consider the environmental and social impact of every decision we make. Hoping that this strategy will allow us to build a sustainable operation that will have a positive impact on the surrounding community and natural environment.
  • Quality Assurance
    The Dolce Ragusa Quality Assurance program is an internal structure that conducts a variety of inspections, audits, of our food production and facilities to provide safe, high quality food products while maintaining ideal practices that enhance products relevant for the food industry.
  • Safety and Hygiene
    Several internal guidelines are executed, with the highest level of monitoring of safety and food sanitation practices.
  • Measuring Factors
    All products are recipe base with mentioned inspections for the weight, production and processing practices. Dolce Ragusa chefs ensure the product standards fallow uniform volume and appearance up to 95% accuracy.
  • Presentation
    The enhanced dynamic presentations of all products are assured daily. Dolce Ragusa chefs and bakers create and inspect all products from preparation to production that undergo careful planning. Also give importance into every detail given to create presentable products.
  • Products and Ingredients
    All our products and ingredients are brought directly from Italy, to keep the original taste of the brand.
  • Energy
    All lighting installed in our facilities used energy efficient LEDs.

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